Christos Polymenakos 

Christos Polymenakos (GR/US) is a creator, researcher and educator, founder of the body/word method, currently based in Athens, working online worldwide.








He is a graduate of the Diomedes Photiades Drama School (1997) and holds an MA in Performance Writing (Merit) from University College Falmouth Incorporating Dartington College of Arts (2010) for which he got a scholarship from the Hellenic Centre for Theatre and Dance.

Christos has worked extensively in the performing and live arts field in different positions and roles, like creator, performer, teacher, mentor, dramaturg, editor, artistic director, content and publicity manager. Educational, creative and research projects he has designed or collaborated for have been hosted and supported by State and Private Institutions and Festivals in Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, the United Kingdom and France. Articles, papers, essays and interviews Christos has conducted have been published in journals, magazines, newspapers and yearbooks in Greece, France, Germany, France, Portugal, Cyprus and online.

body/word is the multimodal, Performance Writing method for creation, research and education, Christos has been developing officially since 2009. Papers, workshops, articles, performances, classes and course employing and developing body/word have been hosted physically and online by State and Private Institutions, Individuals and Independent Groups.   

Christos believes in “following your gut feeling, never stop learning and enjoying collaborations. Art and creativity are everywhere, research is inescapable inspiration and education the way to design your personal way to connect and evolve”.

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body/word by Cpolymenakos





body/word is Christos Polymenakos’ open ended Performance Writing method for creating, researching and teaching. It consists of practical and theoretical tools for educational, creative and research purposes, emanating  from interdisciplinary approaches to links between body and word, in the spirit of Performance Writing, as practiced in Dartington College of Arts. Discourse on Christos’ body/word method has been published in journals and conferences. In the flesh and online educational programs, creations and research progress have been hosted and funded by independent professionals, State and Private Institutions.  You can read more about the body/word method , or browse through body/word projects



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Collaboration is a key element in Christos’ work, be it formal in the frame of a project, or plain personal, even fortuitous. People, groups and institutions are mentioned and cited in each project available on the works portfolio. Or press on “other bodies” below for a rapid overview.  


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