G.O. CPOLYMENAKOS ANTI Festival Video StillPerformance Writing Performance in Public Space

    Kuopio G.O. CPOLYMENAKOSThree 1 minute Performance Writing interventions to the public space. Three different materials, urban locations, acts of writing, challenging our perception of the power of writing in public space.

ANTI Festival is one of the most interesting contemporary live art festivals and 2010 was dedicated to Public Space, Writing, Language and Site. Commissioned by the Writing Department of Dartington College of Arts, I was selected right after my MA in Performance Writing to present three dense body/word events on the parallel events of a festival hosting artists like Caroline Bergvall, John Court, and Kira O’Reilly.

Does a text written in different materials perform itself the same? How may cheap material used to write a single (two letter for that matter) word create unsettling feelings of belonging and exclusion in a public space? How do performances of textual corporeality define urban public places in a subtle, yet definite way? 

Or, a Greek-American in a remote town in Finland. The definitive flirts with the ever elusive.

Video Still: Holly Rumble

Premier: ANTI Festival, 2 October 2010, Kuopio, Finland 

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