Greek Language for Young Students I Online Course I “M.”

Greek Language Online Course for Young Students. Start yours anytime, from any part of the world.

Alphabet Image for Greek Language Online Courses test imageM. is a young Greek-Cypriot girl with loads of imagination and a flair for languages. Having attended solely English speaking schools around the world, currently residing in Saudi Arabia, her parents were looking for an online Greek language course that M. would enjoy.


This is the first time tools from my body/word method are employed in a course for such a young student and I am very glad we have been doing so much progress since last August. I often tell the family that I can’t wait for the moment that M. mentions this course in her interviews as an award winning writer.

For this bespoke course I am thrilled to collaborate with V.P., a young but very experienced Greek Language teacher with priceless knowledge of online teaching tools. We have designed an online workbook that helps M. with grammar, vocabulary and writing. M.’s parents appreciate it too as they effortlessly keep up with homework and sit back while M. is expressing herself more and more eloquently in Greek.

And yes, we do have special parties and lovely conversations every time.

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