Horizons, Reflections And More Lies * ~

Horizons_Reflections_And_More_Lies_CPolymenakosSite(s) Specific Performance Writing Installation in Virtual and Physical Space

What constitutes a horizon? Why do some promises have decisive importance, even when we know from the outset that they will (probably) go down in history as unfulfilled? Do limitations divide or unite, do they hinder or do they incite meetings? Randomness, study, passion, art and responsibility, dreams and sea.

Taking as a starting point the promise Seppos the Atokestes made as a Presidential Candidate in the 70s to his “supporters” that he would bring the sea to Nicosia and playing with the roles of curators, mentors, creators and theorists, Performance Writer, Christos Polymenakos (GR/US) and Visual Artist, Christina Shiakola (CY) create a Site(s)Performance Writing installation for physical and digital space. Artistic Collaborator, Performance Theorist Estelle Papadimitriou


Visual artist Christina Shiakola and performance writer Christos Polymenakos in their second collaboration employing the body/word method, playfully engage with the roles of curator, of mentor and creator, as well as with digital and physical media, and the fields of contemporary artistic research and creation to respond to the stimuli at the core of the exhibition “σλιιπ ιν δε ντιιπ”: broken promises, encounters, public space, memory, identity, utopia.

QR codes placed haphazardly within the Nicosia Municipal Gardens lead the audience to a multi-faceted artistic piece consisting of 40 fragments: creations and archival recordings of the creative process of the artists. Two of these fragments will be published at the time of the exhibition through the personal accounts of the artists in social networks, christina _ shiakola (Instagram) and Christos Polymenakos (Facebook), to broaden the exhibition space and the audience of the project beyond the physical boundaries of the Gardens, simultaneously highlighting the multifaceted function of restriction.

During the time of the exhibition, the online space of the Facebook event acted as a limited time extension of the installation space with shared content from the installation and a real-time dramaturgical log of the event, facilitated by Estelle Papadimitriou.   


Premier: Saturday 6th May 2017, 16:00 – 21:00   christina_shiakola (Instagram)  Christos Polymenakos (Facebook) & Nicosia Municipal Garden – Phytorio Ekastikis Demiourgias, 2 Nechrou Street Part of the exhibition “σλιιπ ιν δε ντιιπ” (sleep/slip in the deep/dip), Cyprus & Online   

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