Public Speaking Course I A. G.


Public Speaking in Class AGConcentration, self-control, relaxed focus, succinct articulation are essential components of professional efficiency in every language and every working environment. Public speaking is the way to convey these in your work. body/word is the way to secure you excel.


A.G. is a young professional working in the field of hospitality. She wanted to polish her English and acquire the  skills that would secure a position in an international luxury hotel in Athens. From very early on she made the most of a body/word course, tailored to meet her needs and character.

As soon as we discussed our working method, A.G. felt very inspired to commit herself in this bespoke interdisciplinary Public Speaking course. She had knowledge and working experience, but was ready to take her career to the next level. Her own body/word course consisted of interdisciplinary exercises in spoken and written English, relaxation techniques, improvisation, self reflection and evaluation tools, movement and a bit of singing!

The course was intensive, given that there was an interview planned in three months time. Parts of this bespoke Public Speaking course was carried out online and some in the flesh, making the most of her time. But A.G. was determined to work hard anyway towards her goal. Neither of us will ever forget how radiant she looked during the mock interview at the end of only the first month. It all proved to be a lot easier and pleasant than she thought it would be. That was why she decided to extend the course by two whole months. Thank you A.G.

Duration: July – November 2019