This is not My Body

This_ is_not_My_Body_Polymenakos_photo_Noel_HefelePerformance Writing Installation

This IS Not My Body Spiral1. ENTER SPACE, This is not My Body, 2. ENTER BODY, 3. ENTER TIME,   Thank You Every Body, 4. ENTER TEXT, 5. ENTER EXIT, this is my body

Based on years of practical and theoretical research across disciplines on links between body and word, here comes a body/word installation of human bodies, objects and words materialized and materialized. There are contracts, a pseudo-polly-auto-biography and a body of the performance text rewritten after each sharing. Oh, and guest bodies.

Dartington College of Arts was a world class famous institution that practiced cutting edge multimodal approaches to artistic education. I was extremely lucky to do the Performance Writing  MA course on DCA’s last year. Practice as research, research as practice, a gut feeling and 18 years of professional experience in and between word and body. Enter, This is not My Body, the first creative application of my method, body/word. Once away from the course, it evolved into a new ever changing piece, I would probably not dare perform again. 

“…the pop version of Kaprow’s and Abramovic’s happenings […] managed to do something extremely rare: to put the spectator in the shoes of the “starring performer” of the happening, inviting him/her to remember his/her body, thus him/herself.” – Iliana Dimadi, Athinorama, 4/11/2010 (gr).

“..Performance Writing which is witty, sophisticated and subtle.”  – Jerome Fletcher, Associate Professor of Performance Writing

“Experimental thinking with an interrogative approach to the performance” – Dr Barbara Bridger, Senior Lecturer in Scripted Media (Writing), Associate Lecturer (Theatre)

photo: Noel Hefele

Premier: Kinitiras Studio, 3-9 October 2010, Athens, Greece, Next stop: Nightingale Theatre, Feb 25&26, 2011, Brighton, UK      

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