Unsuspected Time

Anypoptos_Hronos_Kinitiras_PolymenakosPublic Space Dance Performance  


“In time unsuspected, enters the unexpected” A public space dance performance by Kinitiras based on my poem, “In Time Unsuspected”. It traveled in different squares in Athens, before it appeared at the central square of Kalamata in the frame of the Kalamata International Dance Festival.

With the unique constitution of performers Kinitiras always employs and it’s vast experience in public space projects, I was very happy to offer a poem from the Performance Writing collection “13μF [microfears or microforces]” as a starting point for this urban adventure and also collaborate as a dramaturg.


From the most subtle to the out of proportion changes, life-changing events may occur just like that out of the blue. This piece discreetly brings these to the fore while creating a live frame for a different perspective on our everyday lives. Like often with pieces like that, questions arose like:  What happens in our public spaces and under what conditions? What is dramaturgy?  What is dance? Who is entitled to be called a dancer? How do we collaborate?

The poem was originally inspired by past talks with Antigone Gyras who along with the company co-created the piece. Dramaturgy was a collaborative aspect too, shared with Anna Tsichli. Guests, some invited and some unexpected, reconfigured the piece in every place it was presented. Always, in an unstable circle resembling time in life. Or life in time.

Once again the approach to the dramaturgy as well as the rewriting of the piece -this time by means of a company of performers in a public space- was an excellent chance to both employ and further develop body/word as a creative toolkit.

*cast at the Kalamata Dance Festival:

Concept, Choreography Antigone Gyra & the company
Performance Writing-Dramaturgy Christos Polymenakos & Anna Tsichli-Boissonnas
Costume Design Daphne Aidoni
Choreographer Assistant  Marianthi Lazou
Photos Tassos Venetsanopoulos

Performed by Vicky Adamou, Paola Aparicio, Fania Christidi, Kostis Daskalakis,
Marilena Daskaroli, Kike Garcia, Ηara Giannakopoulou, Christos Kalkanis, Ioanna Kampilafka, Despina Kostelidou, Artemis Lampiri, Katerina Lionti, Magda Mastora, Smaragdi Michalakakou, Giannis Michalakoukos, Angeliki Papadia, Exar-menia Pappa, Katerina El Raheb, Eugenia Sigalou, Anthi Theofilidou, Jason Venetsanopoulos, Alexis Vidalakis et al. Guest Flora Kalomiri

 Premier: 22/4/2016 Klafthmonos square, Athens, Greece. Also presented in Amerikis square 23/4, National Garden 25/4, as part of the In Progress Feedback Festival 2016 in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens,  Michael Cacoyannis Foundation as a part of 15th Dance Festival of Greek Choreographers Association, and the Kalamata main square, 16/7/2017, in the frame of the International Kalamata Dance Festival.