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Here you can find out some more  about my method, body/word, online and in the flesh application in creative, educational and research projects and how you can thrive by incorporating  it in your own work. Check out available courses, projects, browse using the search field or ask for your bespoke experience.



Christos_Polymenakos_click_TaxeriI officially started developing the body/word method in December 2009. It emerged from my own gut feeling about connections between body and word in physical and digital spaces, informed by my professional experience in dance, writing and theatre. I was looking for ways in which these links could offer contemporary applications in creation, research and education, in the arts and elsewhere. Furthermore, I was looking into ways that this open ended process could remain subject to constant updating across disciplines and practices. 

Performativity, physicallity, process, materiality, translation, dramaturgy, critical study, what & how, mulitmodality, gut feeling and of course body and word are some of the key notions of the body/word method. Always appreciating practice as research, research for the sake of practice, and regarding language(s) as events, in the ethos of Performance Writing as practiced in Dartington College of Arts.

Performance Writing as practiced in the world famous Dartington College of Arts since 1994, gave me everything I needed to start putting things together; a most inspiring endeavor. Constant updating of body/word requires the combination of  research and/through practice. More often than not and much to my joy, this has been possible via collaborations, so body/word is my proposal, but it has flourished thanks to exchanges with other people as well. Their contribution is cited in each project.



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So, what does body/word do?

It helps you identify what you want to convey to your audience and how to best do it.

It expands and sharpens your tools for perception and expression.

It applies in any professional and social, personal context, whether you are a 10 y.o. student, a postgraduate researcher, or  a mature professional.

It creates a safe and informed space in which you forge your own, unique methodology bringing together elements of creativity, research and education, across disciplines and professional fields.

It secures that you successfully achieve the communication of all the above by means of words and beyond.





Is body/word for me?

Are you ready to make the most of a contemporary method for creation, research and education?

Do you believe that there is wealth in the combination of the different knowledge and experience we all have?

Do you enjoy the fact that education is a never ending process for the professional, the teacher and the student?

Is acknowledging the different input people bring to your work, worthy of genuine appreciation and official citation, regardless if they are of different physical and social status?

If you responded positively to the above, I am looking forward to work with you.


body/word,  has been employed in numerous creative, research and educational projects  as independent work, as well as State and Private Institutions’ commissions, locally, nationally and internationally.  You can get a taste of past projects here and related courses here, or contact me for your own, bespoke experience.


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