Greek Language for Young Students I Online Course I “M.”

Greek Language Online Course for Young Students. Start yours anytime, from any part of the world.

Alphabet Image for Greek Language Online Courses test imageM. is a young Greek-Cypriot girl with loads of imagination and a flair for languages. Having attended solely English speaking schools around the world, currently residing in Saudi Arabia, her parents were looking for an online Greek language course that M. would enjoy.


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body/word & Performance Writing As Visual Art And Curatorial Dramaturgy

Online_Projects_Christos_PolymenakosA body/word Course originally designed for MFA Students 

How may body/word offer a contemporary way into curatorial practice? What does dramaturgy mean in the context of Visual Arts? Do you need to write with words? How does Performance Writing allow personal practices and updated theories to blend  in a unique methodology?

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Public Speaking Course I A. G.


Public Speaking in Class AGConcentration, self-control, relaxed focus, succinct articulation are essential components of professional efficiency in every language and every working environment. Public speaking is the way to convey these in your work. body/word is the way to secure you excel.


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