Feedback / Feed Forward Online Course

Feedback_Feed_Forward_Course_PolymenakosFor whom: Professionals of any field, Practitioners, Researchers and Educators, Group Leaders, Editors and Publicists, Students, searching for ways to evolve personally and professionally.

For what: Obtaining tools for summoning and incorporating constructive feedback.

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Courses, short courses and masterclasses are designed and adopted for each individual, small or large group of participants between the ages of 10 and 90+, creating a safe and inspiring environment thriving on respectfully welcoming different backgrounds. Different age and experience groups are created, according to the group needs.

Have a look at past educational projects,or get in touch so we can design your own, bespoke course.

All courses employ the body/word method and are offered in English and Greek collaboration with other international experts whenever required. You can have a look at past collaborating professionals, institutes and individuals in the collaborations/other bodies section.

All courses are offered fully complying with international and local health and safety regulations.

Looking forward to sharing an inspiring experience with you * ~