under the lotus flower

Performance Writing Installation by Christos Polymenakos Dawn of 18 November 2018 All Night Long International Festival Multispace L-EKE, Lythrodontas, Cyprus & Online Information & Reservations: oshostoufkiorou@gmail.com

under the lotus flower«…under the lotus flower. I want to forget everything…» So many things that go on, terrify us. What do we do? A thriller taking place under the lotus flower.

On the occasion of intense social and personal events and the International Festival, All Night Long, by the “OshostouFkiorou” group, curated by AnthiPaphiou and PetrosKonnaris, Christos Polymenakos creates a Performance Writing installation for physical and digital space.

Personal, political and social history are interwoven in a subtle way, in order to highlight the ever elusive by means of selected omissions, terms and conditions. Memory, emotion, violence and tenderness, expectations, randomness and destiny, lies and responsibilities run through the piece.

For the creation and the presentation of the work, there is a combination of media and places employed: paper, sound, video, internet connection, smartphones, laptops, private and public spaces. Their ownership and use is taken for granted for a big number of people. Like in the 2017 Performance Writing installation “Horizons, Reflections and More Lies”, “…under the lotus flower.”has been created to be experienced in specific physical and defined digital space.Access to the work is regulated by the artist and the curators.All these choices underline the restrictions, the factors defining the givens, but also the possibilities for developing new relations and collaborations.

Genuine thanks to Penny Arampatzi, YiannisTheakos, Maria and Haralambos Polymenakos, Maria Poulatha, Tonia Pourkou. *The shadow of the flower