What Do You Want To Dance?

WDYWTD_group_pic_Polymenakos_body_word_Performance_WritingThe call was an inspiration. The first meeting was even more intriguing and enjoyable. A research project curated by choreographer, Iris Karayan and dramaturg, performing arts researcher, Elena Novakovits, with workshop-exchanges facilitated by dramaturg, performing arts researcher, Rodia Vomvolou, theoretician, dramaturg, performing arts researcher, Konstantina Georgelou and the curators themselves, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Greece. Since March, working with ten more professionals of the broader dance fields, invited following a call for proposals, collaboratively exploring our own practices, unfolding the core question around the pillars of choreography, dramaturgy, writing on, of and for dance and constructive feedback. A breath of much appreciated fresh air, really. Sooo looking forward to our next gatherings and will definitely share the new body/word – Performance Writing proposals in time due. Thank you EveryBody * ~