Is This My City? Nicosia, part #1 & #2

Is_this_my_city_Christos_Polymenakos small Site(s) Specific Performance Writing Installation in Virtual and Physical Space


What is the language that makes questions most accessible to inhabitants, workers and passers by? How might a question placed in an abandoned due to the financial crisis high-street store and the printed and online version of the hip free press, may raise questions of belonging and claiming of a collectively desirable inhabiting of a place?

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Magic Carpet Designing


Performance Writing Binaural Word Choreography


Magic_Carpet_Designing_ Video_Screen_small

How do you make works “move in space and time”? Which region, organ, emotional event, sexual orientation or place in the room do words originate from?  How may digital processes of various levels of fidelity, challenge the original event as subject to the physiological functions of perception of living and non-living entities? How is that offered as an all-audiences accessible experience?

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What Do You Want To Dance?

WDYWTD_group_pic_Polymenakos_body_word_Performance_WritingThe call was an inspiration. The first meeting was even more intriguing and enjoyable. A research project curated by choreographer, Iris Karayan and dramaturg, performing arts researcher, Elena Novakovits, with workshop-exchanges facilitated by dramaturg, performing arts researcher, Rodia Vomvolou, theoretician, dramaturg, performing arts researcher, Konstantina Georgelou and the curators themselves, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Greece. Since March, working with ten more professionals of the broader dance fields, invited following a call for proposals, collaboratively exploring our own practices, unfolding the core question around the pillars of choreography, dramaturgy, writing on, of and for dance and constructive feedback. A breath of much appreciated fresh air, really. Sooo looking forward to our next gatherings and will definitely share the new body/word – Performance Writing proposals in time due. Thank you EveryBody * ~

Christos Polymenakos I Website I body/word and more


Welcome to my website!

You are cordially invited to enjoy current projects employing and developing my body/word method in creation, research and education, search for the online and in the flesh courses that best suit your own needs, or simply stroll around past projects and collaborations.

Hopefully by December, all projects will be uploaded, both in Greek and English, with more photos and videos.

Thanks to Stefanos Stathopoulos who amid a pandemic, has patiently examined all my dreams and experience, listened to my brief and walked me through a lovely journey.

This website and the projects portrayed would not have been possible without the kind support of Aud Ray Inc. and many unofficial residencies in various countries since 1998. Much grateful.

Thanks to everyone who has gently pushed me to do it in the past years. Thank you for your feedback on previous website drafts, too. It took a pandemic, but now it’s here to stay and connect more people.

Feel free to get in touch yourselves. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Welcome aboard EveryBody * ~





Greek Language for Young Students I Online Course I “M.”

Greek Language Online Course for Young Students. Start yours anytime, from any part of the world.

Alphabet Image for Greek Language Online Courses test imageM. is a young Greek-Cypriot girl with loads of imagination and a flair for languages. Having attended solely English speaking schools around the world, currently residing in Saudi Arabia, her parents were looking for an online Greek language course that M. would enjoy.


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Unsuspected Time

Anypoptos_Hronos_Kinitiras_PolymenakosPublic Space Dance Performance  


“In time unsuspected, enters the unexpected” A public space dance performance by Kinitiras based on my poem, “In Time Unsuspected”. It traveled in different squares in Athens, before it appeared at the central square of Kalamata in the frame of the Kalamata International Dance Festival.

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PERFORMANCE WRITING -2nd Congress Performing Arts in Education, University of Patras, Archaelogical Museum of Patras, Funded by the University of Patras, Research Committee.

Performance_Writing_body_word_Polymenakos_Patras PW Patras test imageA panel dedicated to Performance Writing as practiced in Dartington College of Arts – March 2018

A unique combination of Performance Writing Academics and Practitioners share their take on Performance Writing and it’s applications in contemporary education. In the frame of 2nd Congress Performing Arts in Education, University of Patras, Archaelogical Museum of Patras, Funded by the University of Patras, Research Committee, for the 1st time in Greece.

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Horizons, Reflections And More Lies * ~

Horizons_Reflections_And_More_Lies_CPolymenakosSite(s) Specific Performance Writing Installation in Virtual and Physical Space

What constitutes a horizon? Why do some promises have decisive importance, even when we know from the outset that they will (probably) go down in history as unfulfilled? Do limitations divide or unite, do they hinder or do they incite meetings? Randomness, study, passion, art and responsibility, dreams and sea.

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