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Welcome to my website!

You are cordially invited to enjoy current projects employing and developing my body/word method in creation, research and education, search for the online and in the flesh courses that best suit your own needs, or simply stroll around past projects and collaborations.

Hopefully by December, all projects will be uploaded, both in Greek and English, with more photos and videos.

Thanks to Stefanos Stathopoulos who amid a pandemic, has patiently examined all my dreams and experience, listened to my brief and walked me through a lovely journey.

This website and the projects portrayed would not have been possible without the kind support of Aud Ray Inc. and many unofficial residencies in various countries since 1998. Much grateful.

Thanks to everyone who has gently pushed me to do it in the past years. Thank you for your feedback on previous website drafts, too. It took a pandemic, but now it’s here to stay and connect more people.

Feel free to get in touch yourselves. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Welcome aboard EveryBody * ~