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Here you can find in the online and in the flesh projects that employ my body/word method for purposes of creation, research and education, more often than not, tightly interweaving one with the other.

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Concentration, self-control, relaxed focus, succinct articulation are essential components of professional efficiency in every language and every working environment. Public
Public Space Dance Performance       "In time unsuspected, enters the unexpected" A public space dance performance by Kinitiras based
Performance Writing Installation in Online and Physical Space «…under the lotus flower. I want to forget everything…» So much of
Keynote Presentation on body/word and Performance Writing - March 2018 So, what is this multimodal approach to writing, called body/word
A panel dedicated to Performance Writing as practiced in Dartington College of Arts - March 2018 A unique combination of
A  Christos Polymenakos Masterclass employing his body/word method  Can one translate movement into word? How can I communicate my choreographic
Lifelong Learning I Feed Forward I Audience Development   The process of feedback is ideally a gentle - if sometimes passionate-
Site(s) Specific Performance Writing Installation in Virtual and Physical Space What constitutes a horizon? Why do some promises have decisive
A body/word Course originally designed for MFA Students  How may body/word offer a contemporary way into curatorial practice? What does
Improvisation 101 for Drama Students employing the body/word method What is improvisation for you? How can the body inform your