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Here you can find running and past projects I have created myself as well as projects I was happy to collaborate for taking on different creative roles. It’s always about the creativity and the collaboration, whether as team member, or the project leader. Many of these projects are part or the current outcome of a research or educational progress. Browse by genre, or role in the project, using any of the keywords in the search bar below, or just stroll around the portfolio. Feel free to share quoting the source.

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Performance Writing Binaural Word Choreography   How do you make works “move in space and time”? Which region, organ, emotional
Public Space Dance Performance       "In time unsuspected, enters the unexpected" A public space dance performance by Kinitiras based
Performance Writing Installation in Online and Physical Space «…under the lotus flower. I want to forget everything…» So much of
Site(s) Specific Performance Writing Installation in Virtual and Physical Space What constitutes a horizon? Why do some promises have decisive
Performance Writing Installation 1. ENTER SPACE, This is not My Body, 2. ENTER BODY, 3. ENTER TIME,   Thank You
Performance Writing Performance in Public Space     Three 1 minute Performance Writing interventions to the public space. Three different
Performance Writing Play in 3 Acts  "Pillow Lava", "The Komodo Dragon", "Trailer". Enter body. Enter word. A crazy monologue, a