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Online_Projects_Polymenakos_image_ShiakolaWelcome to my Online Projects Lounge!

I have been working online since 2000, something that has helped me immensely with creatively overcoming geographical and distancing limitations. Here you can find creative, educational and research projects, most of which are employing my body/word method, all fully or mainly taking place online. Browse by genre, or role in the project, using any of the keywords in the search bar below, or just stroll around the portfolio. Feel free to share quoting the source and do get in touch if any of these strike a chord, or visit the Courses Lounge for online courses.

photo: Christina Shiakola, “Horizons, Reflections and More Lies * ~

Greek Language Online Course for Young Students. Start yours anytime, from any part of the world. M. is a young
Performance Writing Installation in Online and Physical Space «…under the lotus flower. I want to forget everything…» So much of
Site(s) Specific Performance Writing Installation in Virtual and Physical Space What constitutes a horizon? Why do some promises have decisive
A body/word Course originally designed for MFA Students  How may body/word offer a contemporary way into curatorial practice? What does
Concentration, self-control, relaxed focus, succinct articulation are essential components of professional efficiency in every language and every working environment. Public