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Find here documentation of publications, papers, creations and workshops, research outcomes and processes. Some come from my own interdisciplinary research on links between body and word, applications of this research in creativity, research, education in various professional fields -artistic, social, entrepreneurial- and my own method, body/word. More than a few refer to research collaborations, which I love. Browse by using any of the keywords in the search bar below, or just stroll around the portfolio. Feel free to share citing the source and please do get in touch if any of these strike a chord, or if you want to know more.

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A panel dedicated to Performance Writing as practiced in Dartington College of Arts - March 2018 A unique combination of
A  Christos Polymenakos Masterclass employing his body/word method  Can one translate movement into word? How can I communicate my choreographic
Performance Writing Installation 1. ENTER SPACE, This is not My Body, 2. ENTER BODY, 3. ENTER TIME,   Thank You